Sliding Side Mounts

Stand-off type side mounts have really increased the range for attachments on dodgers and biminis.  We offer post style mounts in both split and sliding styles. Sliding side mounts are cleaner, less obtrusive and less expensive but they won’t make it past a bent frame corner. Split side mounts can attach anywhere – on a bimini’s crowned roof section, above other existing hardware (without disassembly of the frame) and also on binnacle rails, aft lifeline rails and stanchions and even on dodger grab rails. The range of uses is extensive – grab rails, tensioning and support struts, solar panels, fold away cutting boards, electronics pads, antennae, awnings, you name it.

Available for 7/8”, 1” and 1-1/4” tubing.

Available with hex head bolt for better access under panels. Call to special order.