A helping hand right where you need it

Even on a rocking boat

No slipping. No gouged tubing. Faster, more accurate drilling.
Every time.

Our drill guide swings open to clamp on to your tubing and hold a 9/64″ drill bit in place securely (use #8 screws). Large, knurled thumbscrews mean an easy grip and tight fit.

With DrillSteady:

  • You can drill a bent frame corner, stanchion or other tubing without removing it from your boat.
  • The cast bronze body will not mar your shining stainless steel.
  • The sturdy, tool steel drill bushing will last a lifetime.

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DrillSteady image
DrillSteady attached to a piece of stainless steel tubing image

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See it in action

Thanks to our friends at Sailrite for for this great video: