Hinges and folding struts

Yes you can fold stainless steel tubing

Better access. Better stowage. Just better.

Technical diagram of Gemlock strut mechanism

We’ve re-engineered the link in our stainless steel hinges for a tighter, smoother action.

Available now.

Buy them individually or as part of our assembled folding struts.

Gemini Marine Product’s patented hinge and folding strut assembly bring simplicity and elegance to your boat.

Use them to:

  • Make spreader bars on biminis that eliminate tensioning straps for a cleaner look and better cockpit access.
  • Install grab rails and pusher bars on dodgers that fold quickly for easy storage.
  • Make folding tables and T-tops, openings in life line rails and stowable jumper seats.

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Assembled struts

Ready-to-install assembled struts are available in 7/8” and 1” tubing using 316 marine grade stainless steel throughout. Both sizes come in 3′ or 6′ lengths – simply cut to your required length and install.

Gemini Marine Product's patented Gemlock folding struts image

GemLock struts lock in position with a sleeve that slides over the hinged joint and is secured in position with a spring ball on either end. Our struts only fold when you want them to fold, making the entire length of a strut a great grab bar.

Why you need our folding struts

(Hint: So you can do things with your boat you can’t do any other way)

For a step-by-step guide to measuring, cutting and installing a DIY drop-top dodger, see the Sailrite video series on YouTube here


Individual hinges are available in a variety of sizes to meet different needs. Please consult our product specifications for details.

Gemini Marine Product's patented hinges

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What the’re saying

Good Gear says our hardware gives your boat “a certain elegant attraction“.