Split jaw and sliding side mounts

Extend your possibilitites

Our stand-offs stand out

Stand-off type side mounts dramatically increase the possibilities for updating and adding attachments to dodgers, biminis, davits and rails. 

The range of uses is extensive, including:

  • Tensioning and support struts.
  • Spreader bars.
  • Solar panels on bimini tops.
  • Attaching antennae, awnings and foldaways for cutting boards and electronics pads.
  • Grab rails on dodgers, stanchions.
  • Binnacle or aft rail lines.

Crafted from 316 marine grade stainless steel, our concave post and fork mounts are available for use with 7/8”, 1” and 1¼” tubing.

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No disassembly required

Unlike sliding side mounts, which must slip over the end of a tube, split side mounts can attach anywhere, including on frame bends, without disconnecting frame structures. This makes additions, installations and upgrades a breeze – even midseason.

Split jaw mounts supporting a solar panel on a boat dodger top

Want something sleeker?

Our sliding side mounts are less obtrusive than our split jaw mounts (and a little easier on the pocketbook). Great for new builds or removable installations.

Sliding mount supporting a boat dodger top frame

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