• Excellent cockpit access

  • Stretcher Bar high and close to the fabric

  • Hinckley Picnic Boat

  • Hinckley Picnic Boat

The Strapless Bimini — the cleanest bimini design with the easiest operation. The Strapless Bimini eliminates the need for tensioning straps. Rigid back legs stand the frame up and collapsible spreader bars push the end frames apart. Features:

  • Eliminates straps or struts from one end of the structure, giving more room to fish, ski, or simply move about in comfort
  • To store the top, just pop the Gemini hinges and fold it back onto the support legs
  • With a Gemini Strapless Bimini you can have the protection from the sun and rain without the hassles
  • Provides clear access into the cockpit between dodger and bimini
  • Eliminates interference with winches
  • Done. Nothing to tension. Nothing to adjust. No pins, straps or hardware to store

View and Download Instructional PDF here.