• Clean lines

  • French & Webb Custom 54 – Wings of Grace

  • Pusher Bar being deployed

  • Pusher Bar setup

  • Pusher Bar with Hinge Collapsed

  • Robinhood 36 with West Coast-Style Dodger

  • Robinhood 36 with West Coast-Style Dodger

  • Sabre Dodger with Pusher Bar and Leathered Grabs

  • Sabre Dodger

  • French & Webb Custom 54 – Wings of Grace

  • French & Webb Custom 54 – Wings of Grace

Here is another excellent application for Gemini hinges and collapsible struts.

Instead of pulling aft on the back frame with straps, push it back with a pair of rigid struts. This frame style only requires clear space on the cabin house to mount the struts. It can be utilized on any frame style, but it is most effective on West Coast or California style dodgers because it leaves the aft end of the cabin house and combing completely free of obstruction when the side panels are removed.

Pusher bars on dodgers, like spreader bars on biminis, can be transformed from rigid bars that are difficult to use into highly flexible, simple-to-operate tensioning struts. By making the strut collapsible, we have a powerful lever that brings the strut smoothly into its full load position.

With the Gemini System we employ a hinge in the strut. The purpose of the hinge in a pusher bar is simply to break and apply the tension on the strut. The strut does not fold down with the top. Once tension is broken, the pusher bar is detached from the frame by means of a quick release pin, either on the top end or the bottom. The strut is folded and stored on the house separately.


• More rigid/stronger frames

• Powerful tensioning device = tight tops

• Clears obstruction from aft end of cabin house

• Reliable repeat of tensioning

• Easy deployment and knockdown of frame