Dodger up on under covered sail

Drop top dodgers

Every dodger is full of compromises – until now.

Gemini Marine Products make tough choices a thing of the past: space within vs an attractive profile; good visibility and strong frames vs greater window wear, damage and difficult storage; adequate coverage vs interference with winches, cockpits and side decks.

Our drop top dodger replaces all these simply – with a better dodger.

Now you can have it all

By creating a dodger frame supported by four offshore-rugged, stainless steel Gemlock folding struts you get:

  • Full-time wind and spray protection.
  • A permanent windshield with excellent visibility from the helm.
  • No straps or struts in the cockpit or near winches.
  • Greater access to companionway and side decks.
  • A top that’s quick and easy to remove.
  • A collapsible frame with no disassembly.
  • Easier stowage with no damage.