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Tried and tested on hundreds of boats, Gemini Marine Products bring you unsurpassed quality, and our DrillSteady makes incorporating our products hassle-free.

Retail customers – where to buy

You can buy directly from any product page on this website.

If you prefer, you can contact the retail distributors below.

A note for our customers outside the USA – Many of our distributors sell internationally, wherever they are based. We include locations to help our customers choose options that may help them save on shipping and/or import taxes duties and other taxes.

January 2021 note re: shipping to the UK

It is with great regret that we have to announce that as a result of the difficulties posed by Brexit, we are temporarily unable to ship to the United Kingdom. UK customers are advised that our products can be purchased from our UK distributor KayoSpruce via KayoSpruce.com or on UK telephone (0)1489 581 696. We will restore direct service to the UK as soon as we can.


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