Don’t pull your frame with straps

Push it back with a rigid pair of struts

Pusher and spreader bars

Boat canvas should look perfect, but it shouldn’t be a hassle. Our patented hinge makes flexible, folding tensioning struts that free you to move.

Struts used as pusher bars leave the aft end of the cabin house and combing open and accessible. Folding struts used as spreader bars on strapless biminis give you smooth action with nothing to tension for a tight fit every time.

Either way, you’ll get a stronger structure with fewer obstructions. Neat.

What you’re boat canvas has been missing:

  • Stronger, more rigid frames that are easier to deploy, bring down and stow
  • A powerful tensioning device that levers the strut smoothly into its full load position every time for truly tight tops
  • Cleaner lines, fewer obstructions and a more elegant look

View under white dodger with pusher bars.

Sound interesting?

Our video shows you more

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