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Grab rails

Our split and sliding side mounts are perfect for creating ocean-rugged grabs on both sail and power boats.

Dodgers, biminis and convertible tops all benefit from easy-to-install grabs, or put one anywhere you need a hand up.

What’s more, our folding struts installed as pusher bars, bimini supports or dodger frames all double up as grabs, too. Locked in place and strong, even overhead inside canvas, they don’t fold until you want them to fold.

*NEW* Grab rail kits to make adding a grab easier than ever

We now offer a variety of kits that have all the hardware you need to install a grab rail on your boat today.

It’s easy

Buy your grab rail kit and pay securely now from our order page.

Perfect for DIY boat owners and canvas shops alike, all kits come with parts to fit either 7/8″ or 1″ tubing. Other options include:

  • Grab rail kit with split side mounts – split side mounts make removing your grab rail (or the canvas under it) quick and easy. Plus our split side mounts can attach anywhere on a rail, including right on a bend if needed, and you don’t need to disassemble any existing frames to mount your new grab.
  • Grab rail kit with sliding side mounts – for folks who know they won’t need to remove their grab rail very often, if at all. Our sliding side mounts slip over the ends of your tubing, so you’ll need access to the ends of your frame tubing to use these. Please note, sliding side mounts are simple and effective, but they do NOT slide over/around bends in tubing.
  • Overhead grab kit using post mounts – A sleek, solid way to put an overhead grab on existing dodger or bimini frames. Concave post mounts require a bit drilling to mount.

You can mount your grabs over your canvas or through it. Either way, it will be ocean rugged and look great.

Of course these are suggested uses – you can use our grab rail kits to add a DIY rail just about anywhere to hold radar antennae or other accessories, too.

Please phone us with any questions. We’re happy to help you choose the right parts for your project.

Underside of drop top dodger showing tensioning bars doubling as overhead grab rails.
Grab rails 4 grab rails
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