Beautiful Gemini Canvas in the mist.

Less is more

See what you’ve been missing

See us in action

Highly adaptable and easy to deploy, Gemini Marine Products give you options.

Years of experience building boat canvas inspired better ways to build frames and accessories that each answers a real need.

Now all of our innovations are tried and tested on hundreds of boats like yours, below are just a selection of suggested uses for our hardware.

Strapless biminis

It’s time to go strapless

Ultra clean lines and outstanding cockpit access with unmatched ease of use

Drop top dodgers

We build a better dodger

Fewer compromises and easier storage

Solar panel mounts

Highly adaptable, simple enough for DIY

Hidden frames that double as overhead grab rails

Pusher bars

Don’t pull your frame with straps

Push it back with struts

Grab rails

Sturdy and stowable

Attach our grab rails just about anywhere

Strapless bimini top on sailboat
White drop top dodger on sailboat.
Twin rigid solar panel attached with Gemini Marine Products.
Gemini Marine Products pusher bars give perfect tensioning every time
Action ready - Gemini Marine Products power boat grab rails

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