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Once you’ve used Gemini Marine Products you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Now you can order any of our products right here on any product page. Of course you can still contact our distributors, or phone us on +1 (207) 596 7705 if you prefer and we’ll be happy to talk your questions and order.

Our Products

folding struts

Yes you can fold tubing

sliding side mounts

Mounts where you want them

Concave post
fork mounts

Attach frames and accessories easily


A helping hand right where you need it

Our products - Gemini Marine Products' patented barrel hinges
Gemini Marine Products split jaw mounts
Gemini Marine Products concave post mounts
Gemini Marine Products DrillSteady drill guide

GemLock folding struts
Gemini Marine Products sliding side mounts
Gemini Marine Products concave fork mounts
DrillSteady on stainless tubing ready to be used.

Strapless bimini conversion kits

Everything you need to convert to strapless today (and at a discount, too)

Our Products 1 our products
Our Products 2 our products

Ancillary hardware

Those extra bits and pieces you need without a(nother) shopping trip

Our Products 3 our products
Our Products 4 our products

Everything in one place

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