Blue and beige canvas in the sun

Nothing to tension. Nothing to adjust.

Go strapless

Gemini Marine Products proudly introduces the strapless bimini – the frame stands on rigid back legs, and a pair of GemLock folding struts push the end frames apart, giving you ultra clean lines and superb access.

Now you have:

  • More room to move about in comfort
  • Protection from sun and rain with fewer hassles
  • Clear access to your cockpit
  • No interference with winches or dodger
  • Storage as easy as popping the patented GemLock hinges and folding the top back onto its support legs.

Job done.

Strapless bimini conversion kits have exactly what you need

We offer a variety of kits that have all the hardware you need to convert your bimini to strapless today.

Perfect for DIY boat owners and canvas shops alike, all kits come with parts to fit either 7/8″ or 1″ tubing. Other options include:

Don’t forget: We’ve got your back with a simple strapless conversion guide with instructions and photos to help you get the job done right. Phone us any time for help and advice on your order.

Perfect bimini canvas in seconds every time

Strapless bimini 1 bimini

The strapless concept is flexible enough to suit a wide range of constructions. The large bimini in this clip has collapsible legs for easy storage, but these are by no means standard or required for the design to work.

“Bought the parts to accomplish [a strapless bimini] and we finally removed the annoying forward straps that hold our bimini in place. Got tired of climbing over them to get on and off the boat or to go forward on deck. Big improvement!”
Sailnet community member

Large strapless bimini top on a sailboat.

See how it’s done

Strapless bimini 4 bimini
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