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A truly professional finish requires attention to all the details, including high-grade supporting hardware. If you take on a DIY project for your boat, look no further – we’ve got what you need to complete your canvas frames with quality, value and style.

Made from the same durable 316 stainless steel we use in Gemini Marine Products, these pieces will help you ensure that your project is strong and durable.

Choose from:

Eye ends – Used to cover the end of cut tubing and attach it other components, like post or fork mounts or quick release pins. Available in three sizes.

Slip tees – Used to join pieces of tubing with a clean, strong junction. Available in two sizes.

Jaw mounts – Sliding or split jaw mounts can be used to hold eye ends or other pieces in place on rails – not to be confused with our own sliding and split side mounts.

Stainless steel sleeves – Used to secure a GemLock folding strut in a locked, open position. Available in 4 sizes.

Spring balls – Used to hold a stainless steel sleeve in its locked position on a GemLock folding strut and then release it when you want to fold the hinge.

Snap tool – Don’t struggle with your canvas snaps, use this professional snap tool to attach and remove snapped canvas with ease.

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Supporting hardware to complete your job like a pro.
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