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Moving around on a boat underway can be tricky, but it can be safer with good, strong grab rails ready and waiting.

If your boat has one or two places where a new grab would come in, well, handy, we’d like to introduce our new suite of grab rail kits. No drilling required, no need to bend tubing, kits come with all the ocean-grade stainless steel components you need to install quickly and easily.

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Custom lengths are available, as well as solid kits using 1 1/4″ tubing. Contact us on +1 207 596 7705 for details and pricing.

Pro tip: Choose carefully!

While our grab rails can be placed on tubing just about anywhere, care is needed in choosing the right rail mounts for the job. Please consider:

  • Sliding side mounts WILL NOT slip around bends in tubing. If either end of the grab rail is inside a bend, please choose a kit with split mounts.

  • If the grab rail will be either on top of the roof of a dodger/bimini or overhead under the roof, please choose a kit with concave post mounts. This will enable the simplest installation and cleanest lines for your canvas.
New DIY grab rail kits 1 Grab rail

You can’t be too safe on board – let us help

Safety won’t wait. If you slip, or your boat moves underfoot, are you confident your hand will reach something solid and reliable?

If adding a grab rail or two would give you more peace of mind, check our our new DIY kits. We offer a variety of options to help you add a grab just about anywhere you have tubing. Choose the tubing diameter and mount type that suits you best, and we’ll send you the pieces you need to install without having to hire a professional.

Each grab rail kit contains:

  • 1 x 3′ grab rail (just cut to length and install), either:
    • a 3′ length of 316 stainless tubing in your chosen size

  • 2 x eye ends in the same size as your chosen tubing

  • A 10% discount on buying the components separately

Grab rails can be installed inboard or outboard of frame/tubing. They can be installed either outside/around canvas or through it by cutting a small hole in the canvas where the post on the rail mount will be and feed post through the hole. See our installation guide for more information.

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New DIY grab rail kits 3 Grab rail
New DIY grab rail kits 4 Grab rail

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